Queer Space YEG is a brand new project funded by the Wellness Network and offered by Momentum Walk in Counselling. It’s the first time we’ve combined in person group experience with online support and posts. We’re all excited for this chance to connect with the LGBTQ* community in these ways.


We know that therapeutic spaces haven’t traditionally been safe for LGBTQ* individuals to show up fully, as who they are, with all of their identities, and we know we need to do better.

We want this space to be a safer space, recognizing that no space is entirely safe. We strive to respect all aspects of people including race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, religion, and ability. We strive to practice non-judgment and compassion. Feelings are welcome in this group. Although intense emotions may arise, acting out those feelings on the group, individual members, or leaders is not acceptable. Members are encouraged to share if they’d like to do so, in their own time.


Momentum is on a major bus route in the south central area of the city, and the cost of the group is covered by the Wellness Network.

To help make this more accessible to folks from across the city, we will be providing bus tickets, snacks, and the group itself will be prioritizing the voices and participation of folks most marginalized in our community. With that in mind, we kindly request that anyone who plans to attend the event as a supporter and/or ally to be aware of how much emotional space you take up in the room (for example, rather than being the first person to speak up, give time for others who may not typically voice their experiences).

We know that many in our community live with social anxiety and so participation in any group discussions is 100% optional. If you do decide to share, you still choose how much and when. Also, please feel welcome to bring a supporter, especially if it helps to reduce barriers. There will be time to write questions for the facilitators as you walk in, so that if you do have something you’d like to know more about, you can do so without having to speak up in front of the group.

Unfortunately as Momentum is located in an older building, it does not have an elevator and so the space is not wheelchair accessible.

We recognize that getting out to an in-person group (especially given the physical limitations just mentioned) is not always possible and so another way we are trying to increase accessibility is by creating this online space for information, group discussion, and support.


We understand that not everyone under the LGBTQ* umbrella identifies with queer space – maybe for you, its associated with something political, or it just doesn’t fit. What this is really meant to be is a community space for gender and sexual diversity. For LGBTQ* individuals and allies. It’s a space where there’s no right way to perform gender or sexuality – you get to just show up as yourself in a non-judgmental space.